Dead Faces Clone Online

45 players

What is Dead Faces Clone Online?

Dead Faces Clone Online is a first-person horror adventure game. It focuses on atmosphere and chills as you explore a desolate apartment, solving puzzles and unraveling a mysterious narrative.


  • You'll control the character from a first-person perspective, likely navigating a deserted and unsettling apartment.
  • Expect to explore various rooms and corridors, searching for clues and interacting with objects in the environment.

Unique features

  • Intriguing Premise: Dead Faces Clone Online hints at a creepy and potentially unique story involving clones. What does "Clone Online" signify? Is the character a clone themself? This mystery could be a differentiating factor.
  • Browser-Based Horror: Not all horror games are available as browser experiences. This accessibility could be a draw for players who don't want to download software.
  • Focus on Atmosphere: While many horror games rely on jump scares, Dead Faces: Clone Online might prioritize a more sustained, unsettling atmosphere. This could be through its sound design, visuals, or the desolate environment itself.
  • Narrative Puzzles: Perhaps the puzzles in the game are not just logic-based but also tied directly to unraveling the narrative. Solving puzzles could involve piecing together the story fragments scattered throughout the apartment.


Using Mouse and Keyboard