That's Not My Neighbor

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Introduce That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is an independent game inspired by the document inspection mechanics of "Papers Please." However, it injects a thrilling horror theme, creating a unique and suspenseful experience.

That's Not My Neighbor game overview

Take a familiar concept and inject a dose of the unsettling. That's Not My Neighbor is a game reminiscent of Papers, Please!, but with a chilling twist. Here, you become an inspector tasked with verifying the identities of your neighbors.

Game feature

Similar to Papers, Please!, you'll be presented with documents and individuals.  However, the That's Not My Neighbor game objective goes beyond simply checking passports and permits.  Here, you need to determine if the person claiming to be your neighbor is truly who they say they are.

Game's author

Created by the independent developer Nacho Sama, That's Not My Neighbor game injects a chilling atmosphere into the familiar document inspection mechanic.



You'll encounter a cast of characters claiming to be your neighbors in That's Not My Neighbor. Be observant, as imposters may try to blend in.


The unsettling element. Not all neighbors are who they seem. You'll encounter individuals eerily similar to your actual neighbors, but with subtle discrepancies.


Utilize various tools at your disposal to scrutinize documents, compare appearances, and potentially uncover imposters.

How to play That's Not My Neighbor Online

  • Go to on your PC or Mobile Browser.
  • Click Play Game to start That's Not My Neighbor Free Online version
  • The game is heavy, so it takes several minutes to load the game. Please don't close the window.
  • You should try to refresh your browsers if the notice is appearred

Disclaimer: It's important to note that due to the game's horror theme, it might contain disturbing elements.