Among US Horror 3D

153 players

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Among Us Horror 3D takes the beloved multiplayer deception game and plunges it into a chilling and immersive horror experience. Developed by a team of dedicated indie developers, this adaptation brings a new dimension to the familiar gameplay, combining elements of suspense, fear, and teamwork.

The premise remains familiar: a group of astronauts finds themselves stranded on a derelict spaceship, with one or more impostors lurking among them. However, in this iteration, the stakes are much higher as the crew members must not only complete tasks and root out the impostors but also survive the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

The game introduces a fully realized 3D environment, with detailed spaceship interiors that evoke a sense of claustrophobia and dread. The lighting is dim, casting long shadows down deserted corridors, while eerie sounds echo through the metallic halls, heightening the tension.


  1. Setup: Players are divided into two groups: the Crew and the Impostors. The Crew's objective is to complete tasks, uncover the Impostors, and survive the horrors aboard the spaceship. The Impostors' goal is to sabotage the crew's efforts, eliminate them one by one, or summon terrifying creatures to aid them.

  2. Exploration: The game begins with players exploring the spaceship's eerie and dimly lit interiors. They must navigate through corridors, rooms, and various sections of the ship to complete tasks. However, they must also be vigilant for any signs of danger, such as lurking monsters or suspicious behavior from other players.

  3. Tasks: Just like in the original game, Crew members have a list of tasks to complete scattered throughout the ship. These tasks range from simple maintenance duties to more complex puzzles. Completing tasks not only helps the Crew progress but also provides valuable information about the state of the ship and the identity of the Impostors.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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