Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2

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Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2 is a first-person horror game where you take on the role of a character trying to save their friend from a creepy ice cream vendor named Rod Sullivan.

Tips to win Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2

  • Pay attention to sounds: Listen for Rod's footsteps and other sounds that might give away his location.
  • Use items strategically: You might find items throughout the game that can help you distract Rod or solve puzzles.
  • Difficulty Modes: The game offers different difficulty settings. Choose the one that best suits your playstyle.

Here's a rundown of what you can expect in the game:

  • The Story: The game picks up where the first installment left off. Your friend Lis has been kidnapped by Rod, and it's your job to find and rescue her.
  • Gameplay: The game is played from a first-person perspective. You'll need to avoid Rod as you explore different locations, solve puzzles, and find clues to progress. Rod can hear your movements, so stealth is key!
  • No Gore: While it is a horror game, Ice Scream 2 avoids super scary imagery, making it suitable for a wider audience.
  • Difficulty: The game offers different difficulty modes, so you can choose a challenge level that suits you.
  • Exploration: You'll not only explore the neighborhood but also delve into the secrets hidden within Rod's ice cream truck.

Overall, Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2 seems like a spooky good time, especially if you enjoy suspenseful horror games.


Using Mouse and Keyboard

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