Who wants to be a Murderer

2562 players

Who wants to be a Murderer is a psychological horror game that throws you into a disturbing parody of a classic 90s game show. The excitement of winning big money quickly curdles as you face a series of twisted challenges that test your morals and sanity. The developers have cleverly left the specifics of these challenges vague, but you can expect them to be more than just trivia questions.

The atmosphere is key. Imagine the bright lights and catchy theme song of a bygone era, slowly morphing into something unsettling. The once cheering audience becomes a sea of silent faces, and the host's smile starts to feel menacing.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Trivia with a twist: Classic trivia questions take a dark turn, focusing on unsettling topics or the contestant's fears and secrets.
  • Cooperative and competitive elements: Players might need to work together to survive some challenges, but ultimately there can only be one winner.
  • Inventory and resource management: Players might find items or uncover clues that can help them survive the challenges or expose the murderer.
  • Multiple endings: Depending on the player's choices and actions, the game can have various grim or disturbing outcomes.

Psychological Horror:

  • Morally ambiguous challenges: These challenges force players to make difficult choices that may hurt themselves or others.
  • Paranoia and distrust: Mechanics like hidden identities, secret alliances, and unreliable information sow suspicion among players.
  • Devolving environment: The once cheerful game show set slowly warps and distorts, reflecting the players' descent into madness.
  • Whispers and hallucinations: Introduce unsettling auditory and visual cues that blur the line between reality and delusion.


Using Mouse and Keyboard