Keep Zombie Away

11 players


Keep Zombie Away is a survival game set in a world overrun by the undead. The game combines elements of defense and resource management as you fight to stay alive against a relentless horde.

Here's a breakdown of the gameplay:

  • The Scenario: You find yourself in a dorm room during a zombie apocalypse. This serves as your base of operations.
  • The Goal: Your objective is to survive the night by barricading yourself inside the dorm and setting up defenses to repel the zombie attacks.
  • The Gameplay Loop: The night is divided into rounds. During the day, you'll have a short window to gather resources and upgrade your defenses. As night falls, the real challenge begins as you hunker down in your bed and the zombie attacks commence.

Defending Yourself:

The game offers various ways to fortify your dorm:

  • Barricading doors and windows with furniture.
  • Setting up traps to damage or slow down the approaching zombies.
  • Building defensive towers that automatically attack the undead.

Upgrading Your Chances:

As you progress through the nights, you'll earn resources that can be used to upgrade your defenses. These upgrades can:

  • Increase the strength and effectiveness of your barricades and traps.
  • Enhance the firepower and range of your defensive towers.

Facing the Threat:

The game features a variety of zombies, each with their strengths and weaknesses. You'll need to strategize your defenses to counter different types of threats.

The Competitive Aspect:

Some versions of Keep Zombie Away allow you to compete with other players to see who can survive the longest. This adds a layer of challenge and social interaction to the game.


  • Movement: Use arrow keys or your mouse to move your character around.
  • Interaction: Click or tap (depending on the device) on objects to interact with them, like closing doors and picking up items.
  • Action: Use the spacebar (on the keyboard) to perform actions like barricading doors or activating traps.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Prioritize: During the day, focus on gathering resources and upgrading defenses that will have the most significant impact.
  • Time Management: Every second counts during the day phase. Move quickly and efficiently.
  • Strategic Upgrades: Don't waste resources on unnecessary upgrades. Choose wisely based on the zombie threats you're facing.
  • Don't Leave the Bed: While tempting to explore during the night, stay in bed! It's your safe zone.
  • Teamwork (Optional): In some versions, collaborate with other players to strengthen defenses and share resources for a better chance of survival.