Closing Doors

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In the chilling world of indie horror, Closing Doors throws you into a claustrophobic nightmare. Imagine a seemingly ordinary elevator ride gone horrifically wrong. This short, first-person PC game by Collarpill takes a simple concept – an elevator malfunction – and cranks up the tension with each floor you pass.

The elevator never stops at your desired floor. Instead, it jolts to a halt on random levels, each one revealing a glimpse of something unsettling. A flickering light, an unsettling stain on the wall, an eerie silence – the atmosphere builds with every ding. But the true terror lies in a simple rule: you must close the doors.

Something is lurking just beyond the elevator, something unseen but undeniably present. Leaving the doors open is not an option. A distorted voice might plead or menace you, but your only course of action is to shut that metal barrier between you and whatever waits in the hallway.

Closing Doors is a masterclass in building dread with limited resources. The low-fi PSX aesthetic creates a sense of unreality, making the world outside the elevator feel even more ominous. The lack of combat or complex puzzles keeps the focus on pure, primal fear.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

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