Five Nights At Old Toy Factory

62 players

Five Nights at Old Toy Factory is a horror-themed video game that draws inspiration from the popular "Five Nights at Freddy's" series. Set in a dilapidated and abandoned toy factory, the game immerses players in a chilling and suspenseful environment where they must survive five nights of relentless terror.

Setting and Atmosphere

The game takes place in an old toy factory that was once bustling with activity but has now fallen into disrepair. The eerie silence is punctuated by the creaks and groans of the decaying building, and the once-cheerful toys and machinery now appear sinister and malevolent. The dimly lit corridors, cobweb-covered machinery, and scattered remnants of broken toys create a haunting atmosphere that keeps players on edge.

Gameplay Mechanics

Players assume the role of a night guard tasked with monitoring the factory's security cameras and ensuring that nothing goes wrong during the night shifts. Similar to Five Nights at Freddy's, the core gameplay revolves around resource management and strategic planning. Players must keep an eye on multiple security cameras to track the movements of various animatronic toys that roam the factory at night.

Each night becomes progressively more difficult, with the animatronics becoming more aggressive and unpredictable. Players must conserve their limited power supply, strategically use door locks, and manage other resources to survive until dawn. The game requires keen observation, quick reflexes, and nerves of steel to fend off the relentless attacks of the haunted toys.

Characters and Animatronics

The factory is home to a variety of animatronic toys, each with its unique design and behavior. These toys, once intended to bring joy to children, have now become nightmarish creatures that stalk the factory's halls. Some of the notable characters include:

  • Teddy the Bear: Once a cuddly toy, Teddy now has glowing red eyes and a menacing grin. He is slow but persistent, requiring constant monitoring.
  • Dolly the Doll: A porcelain doll with cracked features, Dolly is fast and unpredictable. She often appears in unexpected places, making her difficult to track.
  • Jack the Jack-in-the-Box: Jack hides in various boxes around the factory and springs out when least expected. His sudden appearances can startle players and cause panic.
  • Robo the Robot: A vintage robot toy that moves methodically. Robo's movements are mechanical and deliberate, but he can disable security systems if not dealt with promptly.

Story and Lore

The game's story unfolds through scattered notes, old newspaper clippings, and audio recordings found throughout the factory. These pieces of lore hint at a tragic backstory involving the factory's closure, mysterious disappearances, and a series of accidents that plagued the toy production. As players progress, they uncover the dark secrets behind the factory's haunted past and the malevolent force that animates the toys.


Five Nights at Old Toy Factory offers a gripping and terrifying experience for fans of the horror genre. Its combination of atmospheric tension, strategic gameplay, and compelling backstory make it a standout title in the genre. Players who enjoy a good scare and a challenging survival experience will find themselves captivated by the eerie world of the old toy factory.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.