Horror Escape Granny Room

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Horror Escape Granny Room is a horror game that challenges players to escape from a creepy, haunted house while avoiding the clutches of a terrifying antagonist known as Granny. The game falls within the survival horror genre and emphasizes stealth, puzzle-solving, and strategic thinking.

Gameplay Overview

Objective: The primary objective in Horror Escape Granny Room is to find a way out of Granny's house within a set time limit, typically five days in in-game terms. The player must navigate through various rooms, solving puzzles, collecting items, and unlocking doors to escape.

Setting: The game is set in a dark, eerie house filled with hidden traps and secrets. The atmosphere is designed to be unsettling, with dim lighting, spooky sound effects, and sudden scares.

Antagonist: Granny is the main antagonist. She is highly sensitive to noise and will pursue the player if she hears them. Players must be cautious, using stealth tactics to avoid detection. Granny moves quickly and can lay traps, increasing the difficulty.


  • Stealth: Players need to move quietly and avoid making noise. Dropping objects, opening creaky doors, or stepping on certain floors can alert Granny.
  • Puzzle-Solving: The house is filled with puzzles that need to be solved to progress. These include finding keys, decoding locks, and assembling items.
  • Resource Management: Players must manage limited resources such as safe hiding spots and tools. Items like hammers, cutting pliers, and keys are crucial for solving puzzles and opening locked areas.

Key Features

  1. Dynamic AI: Granny's AI is responsive and adapts to the player's actions, making each playthrough unique. She can learn the player’s habits, increasing the game's difficulty.

  2. Multiple Difficulty Levels: The game offers various difficulty settings, catering to both casual players and hardcore horror enthusiasts. Higher difficulties increase Granny's speed, sensitivity to noise, and the complexity of puzzles.

  3. Interactive Environment: Almost everything in Granny’s house can be interacted with. Players can open drawers, cabinets, and closets, and even hide under beds or inside wardrobes to evade Granny.

  4. Day/Night Cycle: The game progresses through a day/night cycle, with certain events and environmental changes occurring based on the time of day, adding to the suspense and challenge.

  5. Replayability: Due to the random placement of items and dynamic AI, each game session offers a different experience, encouraging players to replay the game to find new ways to escape.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.