Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

13 players


Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie is a charming and addictive mobile game that combines elements of survival, resource management, and adorable character interactions. Developed by a small indie studio, this game has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its unique gameplay mechanics and endearing visuals.


In Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie, players take on the role of Poppy, a lovable creature living in a whimsical forest teeming with life. The objective is simple yet compelling: survive as long as possible in the forest while keeping Poppy happy and healthy.

The game features a dynamic day-night cycle, with players needing to gather resources during the day to prepare for the challenges that come at night. Resources such as food, wood, and other materials are scattered throughout the forest, and players must explore and gather them while managing Poppy's energy levels.


One of the standout features of Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie is the unique relationship system between Poppy and the other creatures in the forest. Players can interact with various forest inhabitants, including friendly animals and mischievous critters. By offering hugs, gifts, and completing tasks for these creatures, players can earn their trust and unlock special bonuses to aid in Poppy's survival journey.

However, players must also be aware of the danger lurking in the forest. Predatory creatures and environmental hazards pose a threat to Poppy's well-being, requiring players to strategize and protect their adorable protagonist from harm.

As players progress through the game, they'll uncover secrets hidden within the forest and encounter challenges that test their survival skills. Whether it's crafting useful items, building shelter, or forming alliances with forest denizens, every decision made in Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie affects Poppy's fate.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Prioritize Resource Gathering: During the daytime, focus on gathering essential resources like food, wood, and materials for crafting. Make sure Poppy has enough supplies to last through the night when resources are scarce.

  2. Manage Energy Wisely: Poppy's energy is crucial for performing tasks and surviving encounters. Avoid overexerting Poppy during the day to ensure she has enough energy to deal with nighttime challenges.

  3. Build Shelter: Constructing a shelter provides a haven for Poppy during the night, protecting her from predators and harsh weather conditions. Gather materials to build and upgrade your shelter as you progress in the game.