Silver Thread : Deux

8 players

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Silver Thread: Deux plunges players into a spine-chilling world where darkness reigns and fear lurks around every corner. Developed by a team of masterful storytellers and game designers, this horror game sets a new standard in immersive terror.

The game follows the journey of Mia, a young woman haunted by her traumatic past, as she returns to her hometown of Ravenswood. Drawn back by an enigmatic letter from her estranged sister, Mia finds herself trapped in a nightmarish alternate reality where the lines between the living and the dead blur.

From the moment players step into Ravenswood, they are enveloped by an atmosphere of dread. The town is shrouded in an eerie mist, its streets deserted and its buildings decaying. Every creak of floorboards, every flicker of light, sends shivers down the spine, as players navigate through the darkness, piecing together the sinister secrets of Ravenswood.

The gameplay of Silver Thread: Deux is a seamless blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and survival horror. Players must rely on their wits and instincts to uncover clues, solve riddles, and evade the terrors that lurk in the shadows. Each decision carries weight, as the choices made by the player shape the outcome of the story and determine Mia's fate.

The game's chilling narrative is brought to life through stunning visuals and atmospheric sound design. From the haunting melodies that echo through abandoned halls to the grotesque creatures that lurk in the darkness, every element of Silver Thread: Deux is crafted to immerse players in a world of palpable terror.

But perhaps the most unsettling aspect of the game is its exploration of psychological horror. As Mia delves deeper into the mysteries of Ravenswood, she must confront not only the external threats that assail her but also the demons that dwell within her mind. Silver Thread: Deux delves into themes of trauma, guilt, and redemption, challenging players to confront their darkest fears and overcome the horrors that haunt them.

With its gripping story, immersive gameplay, and psychological depth, Silver Thread: Deux is a must-play for horror enthusiasts and gamers alike. But beware: once you enter Ravenswood, there may be no escape from its twisted embrace.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

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