Slenderman Horror Story: MadHouse

2 players


Slenderman Horror Story: MadHouse is an immersive and chilling gaming experience that plunges players into the depths of terror and suspense. Set within the eerie confines of an abandoned asylum, the game thrusts players into a nightmarish scenario where they must navigate through dark corridors, solve cryptic puzzles, and evade the sinister presence of Slenderman himself.

Immerse Yourself In Slenderman Horror Story: MadHouse

The storyline unfolds as players assume the role of a paranormal investigator who receives a distressing call from a colleague exploring the abandoned asylum. With a sense of trepidation, the player ventures into the decaying structure, unaware of the horrors that await within.

As the game progresses, players encounter clues and fragments of the asylum's grim history, piecing together the tragic events that led to its abandonment. Haunting audio recordings, eerie journal entries, and macabre artifacts shed light on the asylum's dark past, including reports of inexplicable phenomena and mysterious disappearances.

Creepy Elements

However, the true terror lies in the relentless pursuit of Slenderman, a faceless entity lurking within the shadows. Armed with only a flashlight and their wits, players must navigate the labyrinthine corridors while evading Slenderman's grasp. The tension mounts with each step, as the ominous figure stalks its prey with unnerving persistence.

Adding to the atmosphere of dread are the asylum's dilapidated surroundings, characterized by crumbling walls, flickering lights, and bloodstained hallways. The game's haunting soundtrack and immersive sound design further heighten the sense of unease, keeping players on edge as they inch closer to uncovering the asylum's dark secrets.


To survive, players must utilize stealth and cunning, hiding from Slenderman's gaze while deciphering puzzles and unlocking new areas of the asylum. However, every moment spent in the presence of Slenderman increases the risk of succumbing to madness, leading to a harrowing race against time to escape the asylum's sinister clutches.


Using Mouse and Keyboard.

Tips to win Slenderman Horror Story: MadHouse

  1. Manage Your Resources: Keep an eye on your flashlight battery and use it sparingly. Only turn it on when necessary to conserve power and avoid attracting Slenderman's attention.

  2. Stay Hidden: Use the environment to your advantage by hiding in dark corners, behind objects, or in rooms with multiple exits. Avoid open spaces where Slenderman can easily spot you.

  3. Listen Carefully: Pay attention to audio cues such as footsteps, whispers, and eerie sounds. These can signal Slenderman's proximity, giving you a chance to hide or change direction.

  4. Explore Thoroughly: Search every room and corridor for clues, keys, and items that can help you progress. Be thorough but cautious, as lingering in one place for too long can attract Slenderman's attention.