Bloodborne Kart

4 players

Bloodborne Kart is a unique and innovative free-to-play racing game developed by Lilith Walther, Corwyn Prichard, and Evelyn Lark. This game is a creative mashup, blending the gothic, horror-infused world of FromSoftware's Bloodborne with the fast-paced, competitive gameplay of a kart racing game.

Game Concept and Development

Bloodborne Kart was born from the imagination of its developers, who envisioned a world where the dark and brooding atmosphere of Yharnam could be juxtaposed with the light-hearted, frenetic energy of kart racing. The game offers a playful yet faithful recreation of the Bloodborne universe, where players can race through twisted, nightmarish landscapes that fans of the original game will recognize.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Bloodborne Kart, players choose from a roster of characters familiar to the Bloodborne series, each with unique abilities and karts tailored to their personality and style. The game features various modes, including traditional races, time trials, and battle modes, where players can use an arsenal of weapons and power-ups inspired by Bloodborne's iconic arsenal to hinder their opponents and gain an advantage.

Visuals and Art Style

The game's art style remains true to the grim aesthetic of Bloodborne, with eerie environments, gothic architecture, and a muted color palette. However, it introduces a whimsical twist appropriate for a kart racing game, ensuring that while the settings are recognizable, they are also conducive to the game's fast-paced and enjoyable gameplay.

Community and Reception

Since its release, Bloodborne Kart has garnered a positive reception from both Bloodborne enthusiasts and racing game fans. The blend of familiar dark themes with a new genre has created a fresh and engaging experience, attracting a diverse player base. The game has also fostered a strong community, with players sharing their favorite moments, strategies, and custom content.

Availability and Platforms

As a free-to-play title, Bloodborne Kart is accessible to a wide audience. The developers have ensured that the game is available on multiple platforms, allowing players on different devices to enjoy the game together. Regular updates and community events keep the content fresh and engaging, ensuring that players have new challenges and rewards to look forward to.


Bloodborne Kart stands as a testament to the creativity and dedication of its developers, Lilith Walther, Corwyn Prichard, and Evelyn Lark. By combining the intense, atmospheric world of Bloodborne with the fun and excitement of kart racing, they have crafted a game that is both a homage to a beloved franchise and a novel experience in its own right.


Using Mouse and Keyboard